What are adapted books?

Adapted books are a little different from the other books that you find in the library. They allow readers to experience books in a new and different way. Adapted books are created especially for readers who benefit from sensory experiences, but they can be enjoyed by everyone!

How are they different?

The pages of adapted books are all laminated for durability. However, the real excitement comes from the textured objects that are attached to each page. They truly make the book come to life! Readers touch the objects as they read to connect with the store in a new way.

Instructions for Using

Readers use their hands to feel the different textures and items on each page. Some students may need assistance (ex: hand over hand support) to feel the items.

Why are adapted books needed?

Adapted books are an important accommodation that open doors to literature for many children with unique needs. It creates a more powerful learning experience when you pair reading with multi-sensory elements!